Carmell Secretome

What is the Carmell Secretome?  

The Carmell Secretome is a proprietary formulation of growth factors, proteins and peptides derived from allogeneic human platelets. It supports the body's own innate regenerative healing system.  

We spent 7 years and over $60 million to perfect the Carmell Secretome formula - biologically potent, safe and long-term stable. Learn more about Carmell R&D here. 

Where do the proteins in the Carmell Secretome come from? 

The proteins in the Carmell Secretome are sourced from allogeneic human platelet rich plasma (PRP) – no needles, secondary processing or waiting time. 

Allogeneic platelet rich plasma is sourced from FDA-regulated blood banks. Before being processed into the Carmell Secretome, PRP undergoes comprehensive screening and acceptance testing. Additionally, manufacturing of the Carmell Secretome is a highly controlled process with multiple in-process checks and release testing. Two additional sterilization steps are incorporated into every batch for utmost consumer protection. 

What role do platelets play? Does it have a purpose in skin care? 

A healthy human body is able to heal itself from simple wounds and fight against microbes. Our innate healing and immune systems work together to protect and heal us. Platelets play a key role in both fighting infections and in healing.  

Platelets contain growth factors and other proteins that play a crucial role in the body's healing response. Growth factors and proteins in PRP have been known to stimulate collagen production, tissue repair and cell regeneration. This can lead to improved skin texture, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and an overall rejuvenation of the skin.  

When the body responds to a natural injury, platelets break apart to release proteins and growth factors to aid in healing. During the creation of Carmell Secretome, this same natural process is utilized – platelets are activated with calcium chloride causing release of their protein secretome that is carefully processed to ensure safety and shelf stability. No intact cells or platelets remain.  

We have conducted protein assays to test for protein potency and stability testing under various temperature conditions to ensure that our product remains bio-active on the shelf in real world conditions.

What are some of the key growth factors that can be found in platelets? 

Platelets contain over 1000 proteins and growth factors. Some of the growth factors that have been shown to have a beneficial impact on skin and hair health are described below: 

Growth Factors 

Function in Skin and Hair Health 


Platelet derived growth factor 

  • Enhances collagen synthesis fibroblast chemotaxis and proliferation 
  • Induces & maintains anagen phase in hair follicle 


Insulin-like growth factor 

  • Stimulates collagen synthesis together with PDGF 
  • Slows apoptosis stimulates follicular keratinocytes 


Vascular endothelial growth factor 

  • Promotes vascularization 
  • Improves hair growth via anagen-associated angiogenesis. 


Epidermal growth factor 

  • Stimulates cellular proliferation differentiation of epithelial cells 
  • Improves anagen rate in hair follicles 


Transforming growth factor ß 

  • Enhances synthesis of type I collagen promotes angiogenesis 


Fibroblast growth factor 

  • Induces the synthesis of type 1 collagen and stimulate angiogenesis 
  • Up-regulation of dermal papilla cells 


Source: Pavlovic V Ciric M Jovanovic V Stojanovic P. Platelet Rich Plasma: a short overview of certain bioactive components. Open Med (Wars). 2016 Aug 12;11(1):242-247